Saturday, 13 February 2010

just bought this...


i know, its really not 'me' (ie lots of clashing bright colours) but i couldn't help it!
i fell in love with a jumper.
its the sort of thing i wish i accidently came across in a charity shop or was given by a grandmother years ago but alas i have never owned something so 'bright', until now that is! cant wait for its arrival.
thank goodness for Oh Leoluca Vintage and her wonderful finds, not to mention her wonderful blog.
hope everyone is up to something nice this weekend :)


Lottie said...

woahhh. epic dude :)

joy said...

Bingo, Jackpot! I like it.

Joy D.

Fashion Baby said...
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Ruby. said...

i love it :)

kathryn-louisa said...

Absolutely beautiful - I love it and kind of want one myself now!


Bianca and Isabella said...

love the knits

Kim said...

oh my gosh.
that jumper is... epic. There really is no other word for it.

Marina Siero said...

great jumper!!
love it


Vicki said...

Love this :)
just found your blog you are the only other northern irish lass blogger ive ever come across!! :)
Vicki aka xo

Leoluca Escobar said...

:) hope you <3 the jumper!
p.s i love your blog!

CASEY. said...

i have fallen in love with your jumper
i really have :p

Amy T said...

lovely knit!