Saturday, 3 April 2010



some quick notes (before i fall asleep from exhaustion);
had a wonderful week back in n.ireland visiting family. lots of walks on the beach and art galleries. went dancing with farmers. nearly bought a pair of cute tortoise shell glasses. turned bad when the snow storms hit n.ireland. 2 days of no electricity, phone line, heating, mobile signal. not fun. severe delays at airport. arrived back to london after midnight on wednesday. worked all day thursday, friday and saturday. MAJOR panic and stress at work. felt like crying and giving up. slept in late first time ever. bought Chanel Particuliere nail polish in a haze of tiredness. fell in love with this bag. didnt buy it :(. just home now and going to sleep for a very very long time. thank f&*k im off tomorrow!!

p.s. - soooo sorry for rant but boy do i need it! also really want a rose/blood stain colour of lipstain/stain like that in the pictures above, such a gorgeous colour, has anyone seen any nice versions of it about?

oh and a VERY happy easter to everyone :) hope everyone got lots of easter eggs!!


Jesss said...

woah insane/hetic trip!
damn the british weather, it has a habit of ruining things!

the pictures put a smile on my face!

The Style Strutter said...

Enjoy ur sleep and happy easter:)!!


crimzonite said...

I heard about the snow storms and I really felt sorry for all those who were affected by it. We all have those days when we feel like giving up and sometimes its those small things that cheer us up like Chanel nail polish, which may add is a really nice colour. :)

pascale said...

Dear you have a wonderful blog don't be sad :( i bought this cheek&lip stain today from superdrug it was £1.99 and the colour is very similar to the one in the pictures the make is called 2true haha.

hope you have a great Easter :) xxxx

Miss Woo said...

Poor you! I hope you're getting some well deserved rest :)

And for dark red lip colour I like Chanel's Dragon from their Rogue Allure Laque's range. The colour is very strong, but I blot it with tissue afterwards for a 'stain' effect.

Anonymous said...

whoaaa that sounds exhausting.

as for the lip colors, have you tried chanel? i feel like they'd had something like that...

Electro Geisha said...

i hope you will get better and have some good sleep soon :) love the topshop bag :)

have a nice and not so crazy week...

a. said...
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Clare said...

Love the blood red stain, definitely going to have to get me some of that.

tweet tweet tweet


stephy said...

i think chanels coco rouge "perlè" actually looks a lot like this when put on. at least it looks like then when i wear it. might just be my pale skin though.