Sunday, 11 April 2010

and summer begins...

1. Monki jumper and Topshop shorts
2. posy flowers
3. my new 'giant' rabbit from Paperchase
4. my most favourite shoes ever now - Jimmy Choo for H&M
5. latest purchase from Topshop, oversized floral shirt
6. frilled socks from American Apparel - want these in every colour!
7. cherry blossom
8. our latest charity shop finds; Moroccan table for £5 and floral throw for £1.50

its quite scary how much flower print is appearing in my life!i blame the good weather, still cant stand too girly a flower print though, if i wear anything floral now it tends overwhelmed by any black clothing and boyish shoes. although someone the other day told me i looked 'cute' in my floral shirt..... it scared me.

hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weather this weekend, has anyone started the bbq season?


anna.and.elk said...

oh the table is gorgeous! what an amazing find! x

DREAMY said...

oh i love this selection! its so nice to see around your home a little more :) no bbq as yet but im jumping to the beach as soon as the opportunity arrives.

ps.. do you remember a while ago when we were talking over email, you mentioned you'd like to add my blog to your links? i was wondering if you'd still like to do that - i think it might help some traffic to get over here which would be lovely?

dreamy x

Obscene Rabbit said...

what a beautiful table, gorgeous print. what charity shop did you find that in?

elisabeth said...

thanks :) the table and the throw where from the charity shops in Chislehurst, the little old one is like an aladdin's cave!

Clare said...

Love your floral shorts, going to have to get me some of them...

tweet tweet tweet


Bunny Darke said...

That is an excellent jumper/shorts combo. And the bunnies on your shelf made me smile. x

Nana said...

lovely finds! I'm a little afraid of florals too, but if you wear them right they don't look too girly. That sweater looked so good with the shorts!

MargieF said...

i love flowers:) they make a room look so much more cheerful
i really like your shorts

dazed said...

great stuff ya got there. Can never have too much floral I say.

Kristine said...

I love the socks!!!! So cute!

a. said...

your day look is great and there are so many adorable things...