Monday, 10 May 2010


1. from Jak & Jil
2. Lonely Hearts dress at Bona Drag
3. vintage dress on Etsy

i was warned head injuries took a long time to heel, but its killing me waiting for this to settle. between the headaches and discovering another large cut on my head which the doctor missed, im trying to sleep it all away. attempted to go to work today, realised what a mistake that was so came home and slept for 5 hours solid, at least its giving me a chance to catch up on the blogging :), that and i actually managed to do something useful with my time and through up a load of my wardrobe for sale on eBay (you can see the items here), i can actually close my drawers now, yay!

currently looking at maxi dresses. i know they're all the 'rage' and 'bang on trend' but i still struggle to see how they can be worn comfortably in the British climate. i am however looking to the maxi dress for a wedding i have to go to next year in September and since its gorgeous weather around that time in Northern Ireland i figure the maxi dress might fill that slot perfectly. i've fallen in love with Lonely Heart's sheer blush version, in my head i've already teamed it with the brown skinny belt, delicate gold chains, chunky cardigan and pretty platforms. unfortunetly its near $300, plus its sold out. oh well, im going to keep the picture and see if a dress maker can maybe knock me up something like it around the time.

also stumbled across this little gem of a dress on Etsy, how beautiful is the print?! again, if i had the money to burn it'd be mine right now but somehow i think my boyfriend would kill me if i bought a pretty dress then complained that i couldn't afford food for the rest of the month!haha
well, if someone wants to give it a good home, you can find it here


Rebecca said...

i hope you get well soon! those two dresses are some of the nicest maxi dresses i've seen! The one from etsy is really really cool. :) x

umbrella-in-the-sun said...

that first dress is unbelievable ! Literally the nicest maxi I have ever seen, you should def try and get that made up for the wedding !

urmm, take it your being sarcastic about the lovely weather in N.Ireland?
We must be from v.different areas if your not.. because all I get here is rain ! :)

Loveeee your blog as usual !!

Clare said...

Beautiful dresses, they are lovely!

tweet tweet tweet


Fifi said...

How comes youre selling the office heels so soon? Too uncomfortable to wear? I have them but i haven't worn them shit for fear of falling over!

Lauren said...

Gorgeous dresses x

manna said...

when i think maxi dresses i think billowing baby doll style dresses where the skirt plunges to the ground from the bust. But these have fitted bodices that i never ever considered for a maxi dress! i am in absolute love with the blue etsy dress! love the cut and the print.. reminds me of those blue china plates