Monday, 31 May 2010

monday inspiration...

(dear nike, vanilla scented, jak & jil, this is naive, face hunter, jak & jil)

loving right now; clinched waists, feathers in our hair, jackets teamed with shorts, hats, yellow scarves, black snakeskin boots

excuse the slow posts while i have a major break down at work, im waiting for that 'ahh things are looking up' moment. its not happening....
right now running off to live as a hermit by the seaside looks really attractive!

p.s. - billy the catapillar is now a beautful brown butterfly!!unfortunetly we let him go without getting a picture, i shall miss him. got rather used to having a little friend on the windowsill :)


This Stylish Life said...

Great Pictures..Love Your Blog So Much!!

Laura MW said...

Aww sad you didn't get a shot! I've been sharing a lot of those same photos as my inspiration lately - especially the Dear Nike blog.

I hope you feel better with everything soon. Buy yourself some beautiful plants or flowers for your windowsill to liven up your day! They always help me feel better.


anna said...

Love all these photos! ^^ I'm also sad you weren't able to get a picture- I am sure it was beautiful!

Lauren said...

beautiful pictures, love the feathers! xx

Call Us Mesdemoiselles said...

cool set of pictures

Zoe said...

Feel better lovely, it's awful when you can't see the end of the rubbishness, but it always comes in the end.
when im feeling really crappy i go and buy some really delicious fruit like mangoes or strawberries and gorge cos then i don't get junk food guilt as well...

Chin up ad all that

Twobreadsplease said...

i want those boots! and nike's hair. i'm sad neither is likely, waaah xx

WendyB said...

Hot boots!

rouli said...

amazing post!!!!!!!!

love everything!!!!

so great and stylish blog!

pls come visit and join!!!!


Page said...

gorgeous post!!
love this blog

a. said...

aww, the first two.
i would totally wear this first outfit for today.
it's great.

Prad Savania said...

That head dress is amazing!

Hey, interesting post!

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Emily said...

lusting that tan sweater with the cinched ribbon-esc belt! adorable..