Friday, 25 June 2010

all in the details

(facehunter, vanilla scented, jak & jil)

currently obsessing over the tiny details that make an outfit, the little thing that brings the whole outfit together and makes you notice the person and go "dahmmm that's good!"
also trying desperately not to spend my money in the summer sales.eek! i have to say though working a 6pm-6am for sales preperation in Topshop is enough to put to put one off the sales for life!
has anyone else been brave and ventured into the sales?


DREAMY said...

i left the topshop sale to stew for a couple of days! went in today and found a gorgeous dress [unfortunately i refused to take it off before going out again and it fell foul to a slippery avacado] ho hum..

thank you so much for your lovely comments, those kid of things make my day!


manna said...

haha i thought you meant the little details in the first photograph was the copious arm/hand hair...

discothequechic said...

I work at Topshop too so I'm in the same predicament! It seems so huge this time. I know what you mean though. Nothing like rehanging all of the stock that's fallen on the floor in the sale area to put you off it yourself!

Clare said...

I adore the watch shoes!

tweet tweet tweet


Stephanie May said...

I,m finding it difficult to stay away from the sales to but did venture into topshop to buy some jeans but used my birthday giftcard so really they were free :)

Stephanie May

陳芳 said...


Blau von T said...

swoon x

trina's reality said...

I love the shoes in the last picture! It is Prada isn't it? It's so lovely.