Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Topshop AW10

1. that studded t-shirt, long sheer skirt, 2. hat and cape coat, 3. leather satchel, 4. yummy camel cape, 5. buttoned up shirt, 6. brown leather shorts, 7. long pleated skirt with baggy shirt
(all taken from Topshop's facebook page)

it took me AGES to whittle my favourite looks down to just 7 here, i think it actually took most of the evening!but oh an evening well spent i think :).
trying to adapt back to normal life and getting up at 5.30 in the morning which is not fun! things are getting very busy at work with Topshop's new trends information coming through and getting ready for the dreaded Model Store. Sureal moment of today was redressing the window with AW graphics (lots of pretty but thick coats!) and it being extremely sunny and hot outside!i think the shoppers thought we were mad. oh well, i cant help but get giddy at the thought of the upcoming Autumn, is that sad??



great!! god!!


anywheredreams said...

oh when is the collection in store o I can order it from the internet?:) Can't wait!

*rachelwears said...

2nd and 3rd are my faves.. i love them.. i love them all. topshop is basically my religion!xx

ergyerg said...

I love that sheer skirt in the first photo :o

Twobreadsplease said...

i actually cannot wait for all the shearling to hit the stores, i may be too poor for acne but at least i can still live the dream x

crimzonite said...

Every year, I always switch into autumn winter mode around this time; and the thought of drinking hot chocolate as a necessity rather than just for the sake of indulgence excites me. I like the fourth look; I want her hat and coat!

You can't go wrong with a Harley D tee. :)

Anonymous said...
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a. said...

all of these looks are such soo beautiful.

Follow me but shut up said...

love the collection!!!