Tuesday, 21 September 2010

autumn colours

(mustard jacket, bowler hat with flowers, rust coloured shorts, suede and chain bag - all from Etsy)

just a quick post before i jump into bed and another post full of 'pretty things'. this time some vintage finds on Etsy, although i am going to behave myself this coming month and not buy anything that is not 'essential to my autumn/winter wardrobe'. currently loving anything in amber, mustard and burgundy, cant wait until all the tree's leaves start to change colour!


Laura MW said...

I am in love with this colour palette too. Sadly my favourite thing is the mustard colours which seem to be everywhere, but with my skin-tone any sort of yellow is a complete no-no. :(


Ally said...

Lovely! I love mustard too but can't really wear it as it just clashes with my colouring, but burgundy and rust I can do!

ParisiannSkies said...

absolutely adore the colour of that jacket,
i haven't seen a shade of yellow so delightful before!

Eri said...

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Anonymous said...

greatt post i love the little black bag, great blog :)

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Rebecca said...

Great items lovely colours :)


are you dressing up or dressing down said...

I think you have got it bang on with the colour palette for A/W.

Helen. X

Carly said...

All really lovely colours.x

fivefeetnothing said...

Urban Outfitters had an amazing mustard silk(ish) shirt for only £18 in their 'vintage' bit.. There were quite a lot of autumnal coloured ones... worth a peek.


Christine said...

perfect purse! great find.


Miss Woo said...

These are some really great (actually scratch that fantastic) buys, everything in your wardrobe seems so classic yet not dull whatsoever. I can't wait to get back to the UK and experiment with autumnal shades..

Kristina~ said...

Such great finds!
I love the black bag, I find the gold on it suits it very well (: