Sunday, 5 September 2010

back again!

(all taken from Tourist Magazine)

sorry for the absence!
i had a crazy week filled with the Reading Festival (which was awesome!) and finally, after 4 weeks, 2 changes of date, several 6pm-6am shifts and countless tears, Model Store for our branch of Topshop is finally over!!we passed with flying colours which makes all the sleepless nights worth it but now its finally over and i feel human again :). mostly thanks to a super long shower, pizza, kopparburg, Casper, The Gremlins 2 and a lovely trip to Hampstead Heath today. so yeah now i can actually spend time catching up on reading blogs and actually spend time here on my own blog :) so glad to be back!


DREAMY said...

ahh so glad you're back - i've been missing my dosage of thrills and frills! sounds like you've a mad few weeks!

em said...

sounds very exciting!
congradulations also
em x

ParisiannSkies said...

glad you are back!
these images are cool.

Carly said...

Well done for the Model Store! I'm glad you're back now cos I love your blog.

sara said...

yay you're back!
those eye tattoos look so cool

Lizy Curtis said...

LOVE the eye tattoos!

Anna said...

ive been a huge follower of your blog since like two years ago.
cant believe you went to reading as well, i did a post about a few days ago and would love to know what bands you liked best? would you comment on it if you get the chance? :)

Nicole Trundle said...

Really love your blog, its so up to date, with some lovely images posted. Will be a new follower.

Much Love

selinaoolala said...

welcome back doll, gosh sounds like a well deserved break! and i'm glad you got in lots of treats! i'm planning a week of nice food and movies before final year starts eek xxx