Saturday, 11 September 2010

et comment êtes-vous?

(own private photogragh, hypergalaxy, cheapskate chic, 1.Serge and Jane t-shirt - Asos, 2.tan ankle boots - Chloe, 3.cigarette pants - Gap, 4.cardigan - Steven Alan, 5.striped top - A.P.C., 6. tan handbag - Chloe, 7.earrings - vintage Chanel, 8.skull ring - Daisy Knights, 9.brogue boots - F-Troupe. Topshop blog)

Been inspired by all things french lately and along with Miss Woo from Cheapskate Chic, wearing a lot of stripy tops lately (which i know are everywhere at the moment but i cant help but love them)! Thus when Topshop released these tee's above by Ashish i had to jump to get my hands on the grey 'Parlez vous Anglais' tee :)
now i just need to get my hands on some cute cigarette pants and some ankle boots.... and maybe brush up my french;
"Mon nom est Elisabeth et j'aime le look chic français...."


Anonymous said...

lovely post - i would love a little trip to Paris. ck :) x

Anonymous said...

me too actually!
i want to go to france and eat croissants and find myself a cute little french boy!
em x

Christine said...

I heart everything you pulled together! Stripes are everywhere but I don't ever get sick of them! And you can't beat slouchy sweaters, a little touch of gold and ankle boots! Love!

French girls and french baked goods really are the best.

Miss Woo said...

Ah thank you! Even if I am about as non-French as it can possibly get. Would really like to get my hand on the grey Ashish sweater when I get back too, haha adding to the collection.

Also, thanks for the kind words on my post too, haha amazing that we online know each other for so long!

tonimacaroni said...

i always go for stripes

Simone said...

love the post, i dont think i'll ever tire of anything French. Especially their typical striped tops, my wardrobe is teaming with them!
I really need to go back to Paris now!

nikol said...

haha I really like this, the whole montage including miss woo. That made me laugh~

lavelle said...

I know the feeling .... i live in striped tops, and I really really want the 'bisous bisous' ashish for topshop teeshirt!