Thursday, 16 September 2010

just one of those days...

(Viktor Vauthier and my own picture)

i finally had my appraisal at work yesterday which went really well but i was told not to be such a 'stress head' and 'try to relax and enjoy things' as i seem to be bordering on the OCD line now. seems my stress levels the last 6 months have went through the roof and people are starting to notice, hmmm... not good.
somehow i think i took this advice to the extreme though today and have done absolutely bloody nothing, and quite amazingly not had a nervous breakdown about it!
here was the to-do list for today;
- clear out all my drawers
- sort through all magazines, pull out anything i find interesting
- put all summer clothes/shoes away
- reorganise wardrobe
- get stuff together for eBay
- go through kitchen cupboards, clean and organise
- clean the flat

and here's what i actually did today;
- slept in until 10am
- had two breakfasts
- went 'window shopping' online
- had a bit of a nap
- went to the charity shops with the boyfriend, bought lots of stuff we dont need
- watched 'The Emperor's New Groove' on VHS tape while having lunch
- decided it was a good idea to go to Sainsbury's and buy Christmas candy canes and eat too many so i end up with a sore tummy
- had another nap
- and now i think it's time for dinner...

so yeah, taking the whole 'relax' thing to the extreme maybe?! at least i found this vintage Jaeger polka dot blouse for the bargain price of £4 in the charity shops though, so today hasn't been a complete loss :)


Rebecca said...

Great picture and I love the blouse, at least I know I'm not the only one who majkes massive to do lists and sits and eats and watched things instead :L xx

MargieF said...

well who would choose cleaning and organising over sleeping and eating? what a great bargain i love charity shops just for that reason

Beth said...

aaaw glad you had a lovely relaxing day (and nothing bad happened as a result lol) I am so jealous of that shirt I've been looking for one like it for so long now!
I featured you on my blog last week! I love your posts xx

lc said...

well done for having the day off. lovely blouse. i like the colour of the dress next to it too! x

Fifi said...

Where are the dresses from in the top two photos? I love them!

elisabeth said...

fifi - im not actually sure, but you should try contacting Viktor through his site (i've linked it at the bottom of the pictures)

darwin said...

that sounds like a perfect day! so looking forward to mine tomorrow!

Twobreadsplease said...

yes to lazy days and yes to polka dots and yes to margaret howell (show me what you've bought, please) xxx

Kim said...

that day sounds incredibly familiar - pretty much sums up my regular Saturday (especially the two-breakfast-thing)! The polka dot blouse is absolutely perfect by the way.

Jessica said...

lush blouse!! love it..

you might like my blog?


crimzonite said...

For me, it's bad enough having to mentally compare what I should have done with what I did do, so writing it out would make me feel even more worse. Though the perfect quote I think of when procrastinating is: The time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted. :)

Oh, I like the polka dot blouse a lot, especially since it looks silky (if that's a word).

Laura said...

ooh i love a good to-do list, you're not on your own there! x