Sunday, 19 September 2010

nice things

(navy dress - Peter Jenson, brogues - Olivia Morris for Grenson, skirt - Whyred. all available from Urban Outfitters. fur collared jacket - Opening Ceremony, striped shirt - United Bamboo, blue chambray top - Creatures of Comfort. all available from Creatures of Comfort)

i always find myself fawning over more clothing a week before payday, i do that thing where you like something you see then just 'add to basket' for the heck of it, knowing that you'll never be able to afford half the things. i think my basket on Urban Outfitters' website currently amounts to something like £1,000, whoops! oh well, i think as long as you dont beat yourself up about it or get super depressed that you'll not ever own these items its just a bit of fun!
funny enough i've always had people ask me how i can bare to go round places like Liberty or Anthropologie or just shopping in general when i'm broke, and i think the thing is i dont ever take it too seriously. yes i would love to be able to just walk up to the counter with several items from Acne or that Mulberry Alexa (that haunts my dreams) and just buy them, but i am realistic about it. i probably wont be able to afford anything like that in the next few years but i can take inspiration from them, look for a vintage version on Etsy or something similar in Cos or even in Topshop. that makes your bargain/vintage finds all the more exciting! i sometimes even sketch a few inspired ideas in a note pad for that one hopefully day i actually have time to sit down at my sewing machine and knock something up.
anyone else feel the same?


Bobby's Girl said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel! It's just a bit of fun, and when you can afford something, bonus! Sometimes, things you can't afford spur on other ideas, and that's always a lot more awesome :)

Georgia said...

love the advice on here :)

i always fill my basket with things i will never buy


Anonymous said...

most definitely!
it's just a little bit heartbreaking!
em x

Anonymous said...

putting things in the basket is very dangerous!! I dont trust myself! ck :) x

Lies said...

I also 'add to basket' 10 times as often as I actually end up buying it! It's fun though, all this scheming of what will and won't i buy...that Peter Jensen would definitely make the cut!

Laura MW said...

My urban outfitters basket is currently at £211.98 - pretty low for me, i normally have it up in the thousands too! And net-a-porter dream shopping is amazing, but that gets ridiculous at tens of thousands. I love doing this too much and one day (I hope and promise myself) I'll do it for real!


Astrid B. said...

Nice blog!
Love the stuff.

backtothewindow said...

I've just been doing this exact thing! Urban Outfitters is definitely the best place to do it...feels less like i'll never be able to afford it! I've just been taking 'advantage' of the new Zara online store (is it even that new..?? it's new to me!)and suddenly realised my basket was at nearly £500..oops

Emily said...

lust lust lusting those shoes!!



Sara Louise said...

love love the buttons on the collar of that shirt !