Thursday, 23 September 2010

Topshop AW 2010 magazine

(private photos)

The next issue of Topshop's 2 1 4 magazine came instore yesterday and i had to lift myself two copies, one to read and keep on my shelf, and another to tear and cut up :). here's a few pictures of my favourite pages. you can pick up your own copy in selected stores or with any order online, there's also an online version here on their website where it even shows you how to make your own version of those rabbit ears that appeared in the Unique AW10 show! im going to make it my next DIY/crafty project :)


Caroline said...

Ahhh, i'm so going to check out how to make those bunny ears! xxxx

Beth said...

Aaaw I love the TS mag! I featured you on my blog a few posts back :) You've been one of my faves for over a year now! xx

kelsea said...

i REALLY want this magazine. i am obsessed with topshop, i find them truly unique if you will, haha :3

and this season in london was so fun; hurray for afros!

Carly said...

I really like the trench coat in the 4th photo, thats awesome.

Carly x


Definitely going to pick up a copy of this!


Phoebe said...

I had no idea there was a topshop mag! Wish i had an actual copy but i'll make do with the one on the website.

Love the blog i've been reading it for ages. I finally made my own.
please give it a look


Jessica said...

grrr, you guys are so lucky to have topshop!

Sarah said...

I've got a copy of 214 too - love the interview with Emma Cook where she says that the original animal head pieces were literally moulded u=onto the model's heads!

lavelle said...

the topshop zine's are always a good read!

which topshop are you a vm at? i used to be a vm at the manchester store untila week ago when i spontaneously quit!


crimzonite said...

I'm glad you really liked my collage; makes it worth constructing :)I really like this post! I don't know why I haven't seen it; my favourite image is the third one; I like all the looks in it.