Sunday, 3 October 2010

another sunday evening

(Viktor Vauthier, Panache, knickers by Stella MacCartney)

apologies for the large gap in posts, the last 2 weeks has flown in due to 6 day working weeks, visiting friends, trips to Southampton and birthday/graduation celebrations. feeling slightly worse for wear but large oversized knitwear, pretty underwear, cheese toasties and my Black Books dvd set always solves that!
i also managed to put a few items from my and my friend's wardrobe up on eBay when i had a chance last week, you can find them here :)


Anna said...

cute knickers!

Kristina~ said...

I adore the knapsack in the second photo! :)

DREAMY said...

thank you for the tip! that blouse is beautiful! would definitely wear if i had spare money. hope your black books and toasties evening soothed you. sounds rather lovely!

Heather said...

finally got the chance to check your blog out! love the first pick and the undies!