Tuesday, 23 November 2010

girls of Saint Martins

(vice style)

gotta love a Saint Martin's gal! loving the outfit in the second and last picture especially. gutted when i think back to High School and remember how this is where i was going to go, until i clashed really badly with my art teacher, rebelled, and thought i'd 'teach everyone a lesson' by dropping Art and deciding to study Philosophy! obviously now i realise one should not be so stubborn and changing my direction in education is not exactly the greatest 'screw you society' form of protest. oh well!

had a wonderful weekend in Oxford and a brilliant birthday by the way :) shall post the pictures asap!


Ally said...

This is a great post, I love the styling. And I can relate to wanting to use education choices to rebel/make a point. I clashed with one of my high school art teachers too, and then decided to study fine art at university as my 'screw you' knowing full well I don't want to be an 'artist' in the traditional sense (I want to work in a creative field just not the art world). But I loved my degree anyway so it worked out.

simona grace said...

i LOVE your blog! been reading through the last few posts and will continue to go far back and return.
i really like the last picture, i kind of know what you mean about rebelling, i rebelled against my mum and everyone else because they thought i would do maths at uni and now i'm doing history!
i still go to st martin's art shop to buy cheap bits and bobs though



danniekate said...

such a cool photo shoot! CSM is such a hub of creativity x

Sara Louise said...

wow these photos are amazing
the 2nd is my fav