Tuesday, 30 November 2010

my birthday treats

1. watch and necklace from Urban Outfitters from the boyfriend and vintage silver ring given by my boyfriend's mother
2. The Selby is in Your Place and Luella's Guide to English Style from the boyfriend
3. camel wool coat by Topshop from my mother

just a few of the treats i recieved for my birthday a week ago :) the wool coat is very handy now the snow has started falling!hope everyone has had a fun 'snow day', i now dont have to go in to work for an all-nighter shift tonight so im certainly smiling!


Rebecca said...

I may be late but happy birthday!

Great gifts ♥ x


Ally said...

What lovely presents! I want a snow day!! It sounds like so much fun!

I just read about the Luella book the other day on So Much To Tell You blog, it looks so good I think I may just have to purchase!

Mat said...

the coat looks great, nice present

mimi said...

Was just reading your blog/more magazine simultaneously when i saw you on the 'look what i bought' page!! was a pretty weird moment, gotta tell ya ;).
Just wanted to say your ourfit was amazing; do you know where each piece was from? it was nice to see an outfit of yours again, you dress really well - especially with that new topshop camel coat!

Fashion Stylist_ka said...

Late happy birthday to you! Love the presents, u're one lucky girl having a boyfriend like that ;)

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday!! What special gifts you got, they're lovely! xxx

elisabeth said...

mimi - oh dear, i was hoping no one would notice that!lol.they came into my work and my boss made me and another VM do it.thank you though :) i know, i need to start doing outfit posts again! the coat and tapered trousers are from Topshop and the striped top by St.James and the brogues from Office :)

Bimbobeautiful said...

gorgeous pics. love the first picture. and that coat is gorgeous!


tonimacaroni said...

ooh might have to get that luella book!
happy late birthday

Kate said...

Love the coat. The Luella book is brilliant!!! Happy snow day/Birthday

Kate x


Ruth said...

Pretty jewellery :) I'm loving the Luella Guide to English Style. I've seen it on Amazon but I can never make up my mind to buy it :s

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Megs said...

Lovely!!! The Selby book is so enjoyable! I could live in every single one of the houses!! Great blog!!

Anna Pope said...

That watch is pure perfection!