Saturday, 13 November 2010

the ultimate birthday wish list

1. picture from The Selby
2. books - Facehunter by Yvan Rodic, Take Ivy by Teruyoshi Hayashida, Red: Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony, The Selby is in Your Place by Todd Selby
3. watch by Urban Outfitters, camel coat by Topshop, pleated skirt by Acne, rabbit light from Liberty, Balenciaga perfume, skull ring by Daisy Knight, glasses - by Super and ankle boots boots from NW3 by Hobbs

it's my birthday in a weeks time and im turning a very scary 23, the last four years with University and the move down to London has flown in and i've enjoyed every minute of it :)
so this birthday i had no problem compiling my ultimate wish list including a bicycle, some books to inspire and that Acne skirt i've obsessed over for the last few months!
the best thing to look forward to? my very very lovely boyfriend is taking me down to Oxford for a little break next weekend, i cant wait to explore the place properly this time.


Ally said...

Lovely list, hope you get your wish items!

Twobreadsplease said...

Elisabeth!! You're coming to Oxford!! Amazing, hope you have a nice time and maybe i'll bump into you by the Bodleian :P xx
p.s. i really hope someone gets you that acne skirt, it's beautiful!

ELLE said...

DEfinately want that mini pleated Acne skirt for Christmas too!

Lies said...

That skull ring is pure brilliance, I've had my eye on it as well. Sadly it's a bit pricey! The ACNE skirt is also breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

perfect list :)

Claire said...

ooo me too please xx

MargieF said...

a very well put together wishlist...especially the perfume and skull ring which are both lovely

The Velvet Bow said...

Oooh happy birthday! It's mine soon too and I can say that I would be most happy with any of these items you have picked out. I hope you get everything you want and more!


Anonymous said...

Don't be scared, life just gets better. Plus 23 is sooo young still. :)

Great inspirations here! Greetings from Germany.

crimzonite said...

Have a great birthday and I hope you get everything on your wishlist, especially the Acne skirt. :)

immiehmw said...

I lovee the boots!
Please check out my new blog:
p.s if you dont know oxford very well, there is a beautiful shop called arcadia down a little side street check it out its my favourite shop in the world, and judging from your blog it would really match your style.

Mat said...

take ivy would be a good choice!