Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas Parties

1. Vogue Masked Ball 2010 (image from Google)
2. picture taken from Fashiontoast
3. dress by Carin Wester, camel coat by Weekday, shoes by Topshop, gold clutch by Topshop, necklace by Urban Outters, belt by ASOS.

unfortunately there was a lot of Christmas parties cancelled this weekend due to the snow :( including one i was due to attend that had a fantastic 'wig' theme. i actually bought a Marie Antoinette style wig in hopes of channeling Sophia Coppola's fantastic film.
if given the chance to host a Christmas party i would love to go with the idea of a masked ball or Marie Antoinette themed party. ideally i would love to wear something along the lines of the collage above, i even threw in the beautiful camel coat to protect from this snowy cold weather :)

has anyone else managed to attend a Christmas party yet?


are you dressing up or dressing down said...

oh to be at the vogue masked ball..

Helen, x

tonimacaroni said...

yes, one with a free bar. best one i've been to :)

confrence said...

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