Wednesday, 15 December 2010

lil bit of leopard

(jumper by Topshop, Alexa Chung from google, cardigan by Chloe Sevingy for Opening Ceremony)

there's something really wrong yet so right about this jumper that turned up instore this week. it's everything i dont usually like - loud, leopard printed and a strange off-mustard colour. and yet i love the feel and shape of it. it immediately reminded me of the Opening Ceremony cardigan from last year, and then i found this picture of Alexa wearing a spookily simular version. guessing i know where Topshop drew their inspiration from then!


Rianna Bethany said...

Love this jumper but I bet its a shrinker! Ive got one really similar by a label called Jesire and its a nightmere washing it!
Rianna xxxx

silvie said...

alexa never wrong!!!
I love your style
and follow you
have a look at my little blog
love silvie

discotheque confusion said...

oh no they dih-ent!


what a lovely cardi! looks so comfy and warm too
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