Thursday, 2 December 2010

the little details

(childhood flames, the fucking fucks, happy because, parisiann skies, jelly bones, dear nike, electro encephalo)

unable to get to work today because of the snow means i have spent most of the day in bed catching up on reading magazines and blogs, and cursing the snow because i cannot get to the emergancy dentist (hense the reason i have not been out sledging!).
being indoors during a snow day sucks!
however mad i am at the snow i have to admit it makes London look beautiful :)
here's a few of my favourite looks from some inspiring blogs...


nicolette said...

i'm so jealous that EVERYONE is having their first snow except NYC.

Miss Woo said...

got to say I really wish I can change my blog name to the fucking fucks, lol. Thanks for all these recs, good day to catch up on blogs since its snow in Guildford too.

Zoe said...

Love the collars.

Just seen you in more magazine, love the coat xx

Anonymous said...

I always try to tie my skinny belts like that, but it never looks as good as that first picture! I hope you're feeling a bit better, and had a good chill out day! :)

ParisiannSkies said...

thank you for including me!
you happen to be one of my favourite blogs so this is cool!!

Rusty Zip said...

its freezing here in belfast,tho not as bad as it seems to be in england,i'll be getting the cozy knitwear out tho :)

JM said...

Yay. A few more lovely blogs I hadn't come across before. Thanks!

ailsa said...

that's about all i have to say really.

Anna Pope said...

Such a pretty collection of photos, thank you for posting it :)