Wednesday, 8 December 2010

long time due

(dress, tights, necklace and clutch by ASOS, boots by Emma Cook for Topshop)

first of all, sorry for the lack of post this week, im currently rushed off my feet with work and surviving on few hours sleep and lots of sugar to keep me going!

anyway, lots has been happening lately, finally i have an outfit post!!it's only been like a year or something since the last lol. basically i have had the pleasure of being asked to take part in ASOS' Stylist of the Year 2011 and so far i am in the first round of the competition. the shoots themselves were rather stressful and everything that could go wrong did go wrong (i.e. broken memory cards, funny lighting and zips of dresses breaking!) but overall i really enjoyed the experience! so a big thank you to ASOS for dragging me out of my shell again, i may be tempted to post more outfit pictures in the future.

so kind readers, here is where i ask a favour and if you check out ASOS' styling competition and like my first of two outfits (the second one will come soon), please dont hesitate to 'like' the picture. you have to befriend ASOS first on Facebook and then the photo's with the most 'likes' will go through to the second round. but yeah it would be very much appreciated.

also a quick note to let you's know i threw up a few things on eBay for sale which you's can check out here.

and it goes without saying thanks readers for all the support over this 2 years!really i dont say it enough but i really enjoy reading your comments and feedback :)


oh emma said...

you look gorgeous and have such a lovely figure! i just voted for you :)

emma xo

Carly said...

Aaw I'm so glad you decided to do an outfit post, and you look lovely!

DREAMY said...

aww you're so sweet and you look lovely! :)

olivia grace said...

liked! you look amazing :) xxx

selinaoolala said...

aww lovely!!! i voted!! would love more outfit posts please!

Twobreadsplease said...

elisabeth! i love the outfit and your bunnies!! good luck and i hope you win, my love x

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

massive well done on this have voted :).

Helen, x

Love Glasses said...

aww lovely!!!