Sunday, 26 December 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

1. my Christmas pj's - a must have for hanging round the house
2. a few of my wonderful presents; Balenciaga perfume, Face Hunter book and lots of dark chocolate
3 & 4. a little something from Liberty ;)
5. Christmas Day outfit: jumper by Sister for Topshop, shirt by American Apparel, leather skirt by Topshop
6. Boxing Day outfit: oversized jumper by Topshop and skirt by Acne

hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas! i think i have eaten my own weight in stuffing, chocolate and sweets, the elasticated pj bottoms are coming in very handy!
and i hope Santa was very good to everyone :)


selinaoolala said...

ahh so pleased you got the acne skirt! someone's been reading your wishlists! all your things look wonderful, glad your christmas was good!xxx

Nana said...

what great gifts! (I would only change one thing: from dark chocolate to milk chocolate). Your outfits were really awesome too, including the pj's!
Happy belated Christmas :D

25FLONDON said...

I'm liking your boxing day outfit, love the jumper!

Anonymous said...

coolest christmas jumper i've seen.

Immaculata said...

Oh my gosh I love your pj's! and happy belated Christmas. Your presents are awesome btw <333

RJE said...

LOVE the PJ's, I got some similar but with penguins on. Christmas tradition! Hope you had a lovely day!


Rebecca said...

I love the acne skirt
Lovely pictures x

Carly said...

I love that jumper, its gorgeous :)

Twobreadsplease said...

yes! you look lovely in that skirt, i'm so pleased you got it!! does the balenciaga perfume smell nice? i am jealous.

also, i think i may have been very silly and emptied my junk folder when there was an email from you in there :( i'm so sorry if you did send me something!! please just send it again!!

Miss Woo said...

That Acne skirt is beautiful! Very envious of all your lovely presents, sometimes I wish my parents are not Chinese so I get Christmas pressies too ;-)

jessica said...

ahhh i want that balenciaga scent so badly !
and ive never even smelled it before hahha.
i have the bad habit of falling in love with scents purely based on the bottle rather than the actual perfume itself.
damn that blackhole we know as advertising.


love the acne skirt so badly!! <3

Raffles Bizarre said...

Aw those pjs are fab :D

I've been eyeing up the skull jumper every time I'm in a Topshop for a while now, but I will not succumb!!

Chuck said...

Snaps on the pjs! So stylish. Totally love the acne skirt and the sibling jumper and the leather skirt... And pretty much all of it!