Thursday, 23 December 2010

Pick of the Christmas Sales 2010

(from left to right; silk maxi dress - Carin Wester, black ankle boots - Woman by Common Projects, sheer shirt - Reiss, patterned dress - Whistles, burgundy trousers - Whistles, pleated maxi skirt - Acne, striped top - A.P.C., pleated navy skirt - J.W. Anderson, grey trilby - Reiss, lace underwear set - Vanessa Bruno, yellow shirt - A.P.C., black loafers - Topshop, corset set - Unique by Topshop, fur trimmed coat - Vanessa Bruno, grey sweat top - A.P.C., aztec print tote - Opening Ceremony, leather turban - Carin Wester, brown ankle boots - NW3 by Hobbs, cord trousers - ASOS, chambary shirt - Creatures of Comfort, green coat - A.P.C.)

usually i am not one to get excited about sales, i can never be bothered with the mess in stores or the attitude of shoppers. working in retail as well has taught me that most of the items that go into sale are there for a reason; i.e. they are deemed no longer in trend or have been ripped off by every store on the High Street including Primark! however with a few hours to spend before tonight's night shift at work i have found myself browsing the online stores and suprisingly finding a lot of decent product that has been reduced!
here are my favourite picks of the sale so far, most of these items i know would last all year and not be seen as no longer 'in trend' which is what i think anyone should aim for in the sales.

Elle has a fantastic guide to what sales start when, and a little birdie has told me the Urban Outfitters sale begins tomorrow (Christmas Eve) so all fingers ready on the laptops!


Rebecca said...

I never get my hopes up for the sale no matter how early you hit the stores you never get what you want and it's such a mess so I just tend to go along with it and look at whatever is still full price when the sales are on no one looks at that stuff so your free to browse :) x

Obscure Alternatives said...

Great choices! I keep on making mental lists in my head of what I'd like to get on Boxing Day even though I know I won't buy a single thing (saving up to move to London).

Twobreadsplease said...

i adore that green apc coat, i remember trying it on in london on my birthday, it's just delicious! might see the apc store have still got it when i go back down south. have you bought yourself the acne skirt? i really hope so! x

lavelle said...

Oh so many lovely things thank you for the tip off!

Have a lovely Christmas


MADEIN1985 said...

I like to shop online during sales, but really hate it when websites like River Island get overloaded & crash & burn. Or Topshop, where everything sells out in a flash.

Love the sheer shirt!