Monday, 10 January 2011

Margaret Howell SS '11

(catwalk photos from, coat, brogues, purse and shirt dress by Margaret Howell AW '10)

havn't had much of a chance to look at the Spring/Summer 2011 catwalk shows, but of course not surprisingly one of the few i have managed to check out is Margaret Howell. loving the use of white and the length of the trousers in this coming season.
i suppose a quick win for anyone looking to transcend from Winter to Spring season and who owns striped tops or shirts would be to inject a little bit of white into your wardrobe, roll up the hems on your trousers and wear your loafers without tights or socks! i look forward to the British weather actually allowing this to happen :)

still loving her AW '10 though, the palette of brown's and blacks such as the shirt dress above, it would be quite easy to introduce 'Spring' colours to these!


olivia grace said...

beautiful collection, I love the simplicity yet elegance of it! lovely post :) xx

Vicky said...

I'm drawn to this collection. It's so clean, simple, and oh-so perfect in every way x

Katie said...

The colours are great; so fresh and crisp! I shall hopefully be busting out my tapered trousers when it gets a little warmer!

Katie. x

the style crusader said...

love the classic shapes and clean colours. beautiful timeless pieces oh so wearable. lovely choices. xx

Is This Real Life? said...

This is such a stuuning collection so simple but still really chic and i love that you could totally dress it up or down for summer time!

aindrea said...

i adore margaret howell! this collection is one of my faves :)

aindrea from RAGS