Wednesday, 12 January 2011

NEXT bloggers day SS '11

the rail of 'goodies' presented to us, trends for the Spring Summer '11, how amazing are the Buyer's dungaree's?!
i think the overall favourite item with bloggers, sheer and sleeveless and perfect for layering
more pretty sheer shirts
fantastic floral shirt!
we were rather messy getting ready for the Styling Challenge
Emily from FashionBite getting ready for her shoot
me and Kristabel (from I Want You To Know) mucking around in the mirror
the winners from each team for the Styling Challenge

this is a new one for the blog!
i actually accepted an invitation for the first time ever and ventured into the 'bloggers community' yesterday. i have always wanted to remain in the background with this blog but with a new year and new resolutions i decided that i would take the leap and Next were the first one's to tempt me with a 'blogger's day out'.
i'm really glad i said yes now as i had a wonderful day up in Leicester at Next's HQ to view their upcoming trends for this Spring/Summer. for their first blogger's event, Next did really well to make everyone feel welcome and gave us little challenges of styling their items in return for yummy Champagne and sticky toffee pudding!

having not stepped foot inside a Next for a long while it was a pleasent surprise to see it wasn't all about black work trousers and shirts. instead they've managed to capture the SS '11 trends really well in 5 little trends. i think there was lots of 'ohhhing and ahhhing' over their sheer items, pleated midi skirts and the detail given to collars. so for now i am going to stalk their website to try and get my hands on their Celine inspired satchels and sheer pleated skirts!

so yeah overall i had a wonderful day and meet some lovely bloggers! i really did feel like one of a 'community' (excuse the cheesiness!). a big thank you to Next for inviting me and giving me a fantastic insight to how they work with buyers and their inspiration. oh and a massive thank you to Emily who proved the perfect companion when we accidently got on the wrong train to Leicester :)


polka dot said...

Elisabeth it was SO lovely to meet you, but way too briefly. So you live in London now? Listen I can't find an email address for you - and I'm about to shut down but I just chose a few of your shots and can email you tomorrow if you send me yours via email (that's a lot of 'emails' but I'm delirious with tiredness); or jill@haybooks

I'd love to meet up sometime and for you to get to know some of the other friends who were there - it really is a lovely community, virtual AND real.

GREAT post by the way: you're the first I've seen who's done a cohesive, definitive post on the day. I feel the same way: the experience really changed my perception of the brand. I really felt like they were genuinely listening to us. Like we were being heard.

And I'm glad you shot the finished looks: I meant to and I didn't. I didn't see yours but I loved your actual look: Acne pleated skirt with Oxford grey tee + cardigan + brogues = best look of the day. xx

(sorry: it's Jill/American/ btw)

Kb said...

It was so nice to see you outside of work and have a proper chat! Really glad you enjoyed the day and hope to see you at more things like this, it really can be fun and such a break from the mundane. I'm thinking about arranging a bloggers fashion week dinner so you should definitely come to that and hopefully we can hit some shows!
P.S eternally jealous of your skirt, shoes, a.p.c tee (insert random elisabeth item here)....

YOKO ONO said...

wow, that looks like wicked fun!
glad your leap of faith paid off :)

Katie said...

You have a really interesting blog and I enjoy the way you write!

Judging by the photographs it looked like you had such a fun time, and those clothes are beautiful! I'm a sucker for a sheer blouse so thats right up my street!

Katie. x

Twobreadsplease said...

lllllllllllove the acne skirt on you (as expected, hehe!!). looks like you had such a great time, and that floral sleeveless shirt looks sweet xxx

Brittany said...

wow, looks like such a fun event.
I am going to keep an eye out for the white shirt dress.

Do you know who the girl with the orange velvet t.b.a dress on is in one of the pictures above? if so do you know her blog?


are you dressing up or dressing down said...

this sounds like such fun. im very jelous! How do you go about getting invites to these sorts of things?
Helen, X

Crystal said...

Aw you guys look like you had a fabulous time! Can't wait to see what the pieces look like!

Fashion Limbo said...

found your site via Polka Dot's site and I must say I really liked reading your review of the Next event. Happily surprised to see how they are spicing things up for Spring, they are doing quite nicely recently, maybe not with the entire collection, but producing some really pretty and interesting items.