Saturday, 8 January 2011

some nice things...

(jumper by Patrik Ervell, dress by Proenza Schouler, bag by Steve Mono and 'Somewhere' poster by Opening Ceremony)

some nice things on Opening Ceremony, sometimes i like to go through the whole of the website picking out items to add to my Opening Ceremony 'wish list'. and some day i shall actually order something off the website, then hopefully not too far away in the future i shall actually make it to a store in America!
one can dream :)


YOKO ONO said...

that bag looks super handy, i'd like one myself!

Anonymous said...

I love opening ceremony as well. I've wanted so many things from them over the years. Never mind. I need that jumper though x

Twobreadsplease said...

heheeee, i am literally not joking but i do EXACTLY the same thing all the time on their website and i've never ordered anything either. did you read the sofia coppola interview on the OC blog? quite sweet and nice xx

aindrea said...

opening ceremony is so perfect! the jumper and the bag = love

aindrea from RAGS

discotheque confusion said...

Elisabeth, truly your blog is the best resource because when I can't be bothered to go through online stores I know you'll pick what I love anyway.

I've been after a Somewhere poster since it came out just for the beauty of it. Feel a bit of a fraud though when I was left slightly disappointed by the film itself!

Sara Louise said...

love the shape of that maxi dress