Tuesday, 25 January 2011


(pictures taken from www.scsomewhere.com)

i have yet to see the movie and have read many a mixed review, but i cant deny that Sophia Coppola's website she created to show how how she was inspired for the movie is beautiful! you can see photographs from behind the scenes, watch interviews with cast members and even download the movie poster (even better it's a french version!) to print off and stick on your very own bedroom wall.
i think the concept of the website is a fantastic idea and would LOVE to see more of these for film's such as The Black Swan and The King's Speech!

today i fly back to N.Ireland for a week to see family and friends and mostly unwind and enjoy not be stressed about work. hopefully i shall be able to blog from home, it depends what 'mood' the family computer is in! if not i shall be using my Twitter account (see the side of the blog for link) so you can follow me there :)
now i better continue attempting to squash 3 pairs of brogues into my hand luggage before running off to the airport!
good bye!!


polka dot said...

Oh I LOVED this film! I didn't realise Sophia did a website, will check it out, thank you.

The three films that have recently been my favourite are Somewhere, the King's Speech and Black Swan. The most moving is definitely the King's Speech.

Have a safe trip to N. Ireland and a lovely visit with your family.

Aria said...

I've seen the movie...it's very...Sophia Coppola!!
The best thing in the movie is Elle Fanning, she's adorable!

Paper Heart Girl said...

I want to see Somewhere too! I love all of Sophia Coppola's other films.. some I'm surprised I'm not absolutely dying to this one...!


Enjoy your trip to Ireland! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Elisabeth, have so much fun! Northern Ireland is one of my favourite places on earth! I can't wait to move there when I graduate (my fiance lives there, and we'll live there after the wedding).. And Hannah from bowdreamnation has just been there too! :) She's got her family there. Where will you be?
I love Sofia Coppola, and her style in real life, and just the way she transits it onto the screen, it's amazing! :) I need to go and see it!

L.C Sutton said...

these photos are great. i love that 'somewhere' one. you have such a good blog!
enjoy ireland x