Wednesday, 5 January 2011

stop for a second


Tourist Magazine just keeps getting better and better (if that's possible!) i could actually spend all day reading their interviews and fawning over the beautiful pictures. unfortunately my life has resorted back to work, eat, sleep a little and i feel i am still recovering from the Christmas and New Years rush. i am looking forward to the end of the month with no stock take, windows change or trends launch. instead i shall escape back home for a week to the beaches and empty fields, i cannot wait!

in the mean time i helped a friend raid her wardrobe for a new year 'cleanse' and did a little myself! you can find the items up for sale on eBay here.


Caroline said...

I adore the last photo, the magazine sounds amazing! Going to go check out your ebay straight away :D xxxxxx

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

Arh how cute of these. I must invest. They're all so pretty and nice.

Helen, X

Obscene Rabbit said...

your blog gives off this strange warm nostalgic feeling,i really like that about it. & your selection of photos is always nice to look at.

YOKO ONO said...

absolutely adore the first picture - it's perfect

ailsa said...

i really love the room and the view in the first picture, it's just so normal and everyday and comforting and inviting, like you best friend's bedroom.


so gut feeling

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous pictures x

Sofie said...

Ooh super stunning photos, love them! And great by the way :-)


aindrea said...

i adore tourist magazine! the images are truly stunning!
aindrea from RAGS

marie joanne said...

gorgeous pictures, i want a room like that!

renatah said...

I know! Sanna & co. have done such a good job on Tourist, it's incredible.

Hope you're doing fine. xx

Paper Heart Girl said...

Brilliant photos. Seriously cool and so nonchalant.