Wednesday, 23 March 2011


(top by Rachel Comley, playsuit by Vanessa Bruno, trainers by CDG for Converse)

just a quick post while im inbetween night shifts!

this would make my perfect idea of a 'lounging in the flat' outfit for spring!i am determined to get a nice denim playsuit this year that i can layer over checked shirts or pretty shirts when i feel i want to look more 'girlie'. what excites me the most is the sense that very soon we shall be able to bury the tights away and bare our legs in the sun. although that also means i shall have to try and not bruise or cut my legs as i do so often, it ruins the overall look somewhat.


Eloise said...

bare legs means fake tan a plenty for me, how come legs always look less wobly when tanned?

Mat said...

liking the top, nice colour

contact ingrid said...

That top is so nice. You have fantastic style, love the blog x

K said...

Nice and simple! I cannot wait to be able to wear summer clothes!

K xx

Chuck said...

CDG for Converse? Since when?? Interesting... Perfect lounge outfit! x

Twobreadsplease said...

lovely playsuit, i really want a good denim one too (there was a great one in weekday but i was definitely running low on funds by then...).
got a quick question/favour, you know those topshop leopard loafers you have, do you happen to have them in a size 3 in your topshop store? i've been on the hunt for ages but not managed to find any in my size! xxx