Monday, 28 March 2011

things i acquired this month...

1. 'Charlie' the rocking horse i 'rescued' from the charity shop, i need to make him a tail
2. more pieces added to my wall, poster from the latest issue of Cos Magazine, black and white postcards from Margaret Howell, painting postcard of Belfast City Hall sent by my mother
3. potted roses from Columbia Road flower market
4. Klimt calender for 2011
5. market basket from Labour & Wait
6. striped t-shirt - Cos, tote - Liberty, lace up pumps - River Island, illustrated sheer dress - American Apparel, hair clip - American Apparel, 'The Ivy Look' by Graham Marsh and J.P. Gaul (which i picked up in Margaret Howell after being recommended it by one of their sales assistants), 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy' by William Irwin (this book makes me laugh so much!), 'The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories' by Tim Burton (sent over by my father), 'Three Men in a Boat' by Jerome K. Jerome, mens navy jumper with elbow patches - H&M.

just a quite note as well for anyone who is going to be around London this Thursday and Friday, the Margaret Howell sample sale will be taking place;
i am majorly excited about this :)


lavelle said...

Love the Jane Birkin-esq bag!


Ps I was a HUGE buffy fan - what is this book?

Kb said...

Arrrgh gutted the sample sale wasn't on last week, jealous of your finds in advance. Love the way you've set your purchases out, this post makes me want to visit Cos immediately!

olivia grace said...

Such lovely purchases! I am so gutted about the sample sale- I gave up shopping for lent (may have to persuade some friends to buy for me, even if it destroys the object!) xxx

Vintage Rules said...

Rocking horse, please.

jessikavalentine said...

Love the jumper with elbow patches and the copy of Oyster Boy <3

Eloise said...

Ah I would also like to aquire a stripey tee


Twobreadsplease said...

oyster boy is one of my favourite little books! your dad has good taste :) also soooo upset that i can't go to this sample sale, please buy a lot so i can live vicariously through you. very jealous of your wicker bag, i love all things wicker and woven at the moment - really want a pair of espadrilles! xx

Samantha said...

this post is perfection!
last week my friends an i rescued an unloved rocking horse (not as sweet as your fella' though!) and i once owned a bag jsut like that, except it had long leather straps, and my flatmate has the klimt calander.

and who doesn;t love elbow patches and margaret howell sample sales!!!

EM (le rĂªve) said...

charlie is adorable! x

Ally said...

Great post! One can never have too many striped tops! And that is one of the best basket bags I've ever seen, I will have to check out Labour & Wait when I'm in London the end of the week. Shall also be at the Margaret Howell sale, can't wait!!!

Chuck said...

You have amazing taste! I love it all. Particularly the rocking horse - so pleased you bought him. Am now wondering whether I can drag myself to the sample sale with 9 stone of luggage...

Jazzabelle said...

i adore this post! i love everything you bought, especially the rocking horse, liberty tote and h&m jumper! xx