Wednesday, 27 April 2011

La Garconne 'Ensembles' Spring 2011 no.2

(all pictures from

how i wish my wardrobe looked this summer, a nice clean colour palette and those cute slip on chelsea style shoes!


Mat said...

my gf would really like this, will link her to it

hollie said...

Oh wow, Mat was right, this is so up my street!

I'm totally with you, what a lovely colour palette and even better slouchy silhouettes. Will have to check out their website now!


lipstick and balloons

Lady Moriarty said...

I could dress like on the third, fourth and fifth pictures like every f***ing day !

See U !

Kb said...

Love the maxi skirt and skinny trousers, need to recreate this on my student budget!

K said...

No. 3 (black) is so. Cool.

K xx

crimzonite said...


fuschiaaa said...

I love that all black outfit, awesome!