Monday, 25 April 2011

what i did this weekend....

(my own pictures)

1. dyed my hair kinda red, still too scared to bleach it first
2. recieved my ASOS cat eye sunglasses in the post - i love them, they are now permantly glued to my face!
3. had lots of picnics and too much food
4. wore my Topshop aztec blanket/jacket which i got in the sale for a tenner when the sun went down

hope everyone else did something nice this weekend for Easter!


Raffles Bizarre said...

Looks like a fab weekend, your hair looks gorgeous that colour and I love the poncho!

Jennycub said...

aw i love these kind of blogs.
genuine and true to life.

i like your hair colour, yesterday i dyed mine orange by accident and im off brunette tomorrow!
i may do a post to show the before and after - thanks for the inspiration there haha

Lady Moriarty said...

Wow these glasses are so great ! And I love the hair, perfect !

See U !

Rachelous said...

love those Asos glasses! I similarly ate and drank too much x

Laura said...

I think your hair look lovely, really love the cape perfect for the slightly chilly evenings! x

Lulu B said...

Hair looks fab, love the sunglasses! So jealous that you had a picnic, im desperate for one, going to have to twist my fiances arm xx :o)

nikki said...

ur hair looks pretty
I'm still scared to die mine too

fuschiaaa said...

Really love the glasses and jacket, I like your taste.