Friday, 6 May 2011

a bit of audrey

(film stills taken from google)

i've been watching a lot of Hepburn movies this week and fell in love with Funny Faces from 1957 featuring Fred Astaire and set in Paris. but my favourite thing of all is Audrey's casual but elegant wardrobe (think lots of black polonecks and tapered trousers!), especially the beige trench coat seen above. i need one like that in my life!


Angela said...

Ahh, she's so beautiful! I watched Sabrina today :) x

jessikavalentine said...

What a lovely post, Audrey was such an incredible beauty and her eyebrows were so gorgeous. I wish given a book called 'what would Audrey do' the other week, I can't wait to read it.x

K. said...

Funny Face is my favourite - especially the bit when three of them burst into a 'bonjour paris!' song when they arrive at Paris!

L. C said...

This has inspired me to watch this film tonight, It looks beautiful x

Paper Heart Girl said...

Great post! Such a beautiful lady, I'm going to flick through my audrey Hepburn book now! xxx

Bibi said...

funny face is my ultimate favourite film of hers I love the book shop and singing >_< im glad someone likes as much as me
my fave outfit is the chic head to toe black