Thursday, 26 May 2011

crazy horses

(image via

i dont know why, but i've decided i need this jumper from PJ by Peter Jensen in my life... i dont even like horses that much!
but there is something about the cut of the neck and sleeves, the colour and the random design that makes me very happy :)


Dorota said...

Great outfit!

Winnie said...

I adore this too! I thought it was a Donkey...haha. Either way it's so cute and would look awesome with a peter pan collar of sorts!

Victoria said...

I can't read the title without The Osmonds' song playing in my head! Such a cute little jumper - looks like something you'd be happy to find in a charity/vintage shop.. shame it's a bit pricier than that :) xxx

discotheque confusion said...

I loved his rabbit jumper, clearly he knows he to design alluringly cut animal knits. also looks like it's a light knit ie 'perfect for summer' justification as you hand over your cash. always like a light knit over swimwear..