Tuesday, 21 June 2011

thank goodness it's Tuesday

(beautiful image from www.touristmagazine.co.uk and boots by J.W. Anderson)

i had one of those Mondays were everything goes wrong with work, flat hunting falling flat on it's face and lots of delayed trains etc. yet at the same time i was so happy to see a good friend down in London for the day, meet up with other bloggers such as Kristabel and go to a screening of Mildred Pierce (which by the way is stunning!) so i suppose you cannot have ying without the yang!

otherwise im trying to avoid looking at online sales but i cannot help wish i had money to throw away on crystal studded boots and clumpy sandals such as those by Swear. all life necessities you know!


Chuck said...

My love for those boots hasn't dissipated at all. Awesome.

Sour Puss said...

Love those boots! I feel your pain when it comes to sales, I think I was made for bargain hunting though. xo

K said...

Those are amazing!

My sympathy on the flat hunting! Still holding back from the misery myself, but not for much longer, I suspect...

K xx

Laura Jayne said...

i know how you feel with the flat hunt, keep looking and you will see, the perfect place will be ready for it when you are :) xx


discotheque confusion said...

Man I wish those Chiaras weren't so pricey, I've been hankering over them for ages but student life certainly ain't accomadating a place for them in my life.

Sorry to hear the flat hunting isn't going well, hope you have more luck soon.

Also I'm extra saddened to hear you were at the Mildred Pierce screening, I was meant to go but something else came up. Rabbish. Hope your weekend is at least better!