Monday, 18 July 2011

dark mornings

2. sandals - American Apparel, silky playsuit - American Apparel, roll cuff tee - Etoile Isabel Marant, metal clutch - Topshop, trilby - Topshop, shirt - Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons, stripe shorts - Topshop

the weather has got rather depressing since the weekend and suddenly getting up in the morning to dark clouds and rainy showers seems a rather large effort! it also means my brain has suddenly switched to 'Autumn mode' and all those yummy forest green and burgundy colours seem really attractive right now. and it really doesnt help when im starting to launch AW trends at work!

also raided my friend's and mine wardrobe this weekend in preparation for 'the big move' this weekend so check out my eBay for lots of Topshop. American Apparel and vintage goodies :)


are you dressing up or dressing down said...

i echo these sentiments exactly.

Helen, X

Laura MW said...

I'm excited for your move hah! I've been reading your blog for so long I feel invested in your life and move a little's very very strange!! Good luck though.
And that Isabel Marant piece...I would KILLLLL.


Anonymous said...

good luck with moving, those sandals are so cute x

The doll on fashion said...

I have some vintage sandals just like those - must dig them out!

The doll on fashion

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SMS Style said...

Really want that hat! Loved this post, inspired my outfit today :)

Anna xx

Little Ghost said...

Yeh, we have the weather gloom here too. It does alter your preference towards colour, texture somewhat, i think. I am currently obsessing over burgundy too, and wish that I hadn't seen that Marant piece!
These are beautiful, understated treasures. You have my colour palette all worked out here.

Lady Moriarty said...

These sandals are from American Apparel ???? I have to find them !

See U !