Saturday, 9 July 2011

saturday night inspiration

(images via self service magazine, johanna och jennifer, tourist magazine, style bubble, lina scheynius, two breads please)

currently loving knitwear with your name on it, 90's chunky boots, Carvan collection AW 11-12, finding random small woodlands in the middle of built up area's, Mel's beautiful Kanken bag combined with a tench coat and trainers, Chloe Sevigny's matching skirt and jacket combination. perfect.


Temporary:Secretary said...

A lovely series of images. Very inspirational. x

artandghosts said...

I love those boots in the second pic. I used to own something similar but they fell apart, and I could never relocate them:(
And there's always room for chloe!

Maya said...


Jessica said...

I really love your blog, the aesthetic is great and all the Margaret Howell is great!

I am selling some things on ebay and will be selling more soon (I'm having a massive clear out) and thought you might be interested


Victoria said...

chloe sevigny and those boots... i'm in heaven :) xxx

Miss Woo said...

I love those boots in the second pic, and dayum, Mel is always so spot on style wise.

and there were still a few of the polka dot dress left in Guildford's Topshop before I left England (about a week ago?) Ahhh such bad timing otherwise I would have happily to proxy you one :-)