Friday, 1 July 2011

Sunny Youth

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a late night treat to myself from the amazing Good Hood's Summer sale. after a rather stressful week at work and panicing over moving flats, i think i needed a bit of a retail hit!
it's going to be a crazy weekend with packing up the flat and having to move out on Monday (we're moving in with a very kind friend until things regarding housemates and finding a place sort themselves out!), but thankfully i have lots in the way of distraction with meeting up with old friends, attending the very exciting St. Martin's Courtyard Garden Party tomorrow, and seeing the Foo Fighters on Sunday (hooray!) so yeah prepare for a wonderful mental breakdown some time next week! at least i'll be doing it in style with my t-shirt by Wood Wood ;)


Chuck said...

Ahaha, that is an excellent t shirt. You find the best tees. Hope you enjoy all your distractions. x

K said...

Good luck with the move!

K xx