Sunday, 21 August 2011

all the colours of the rainbow

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i suppose a large part of my desire to work as a visual merchandiser stems from my love of organisation and order. as a child i loved to organise my pencils, pens and paints in order of the rainbow and even today i cannot eat a packet of Smarties without first laying everything out in colour order, only then will i proceed to eat them with great satisfaction that everything was perfect. yeah i know, some people would say i have a 'problem' and most definately does it snowball into O.C.D. when i am really stressed (think refusing to relax sit down until everything in the room is tidy and back in its 'place' or re-organising my friends CD collection in her flat while flat out drunk). but seriously, there is nothing that makes me happier than being asks to merchandise jersey or hoisery in colour order, sad but true!

so yeah A.P.C.'s latest update to their website to include all the clothing in order of colour nearly made me squeal with excitement and made the whole process of browsing the site a lot more fun, well for me! part of me wishes every site was like this but i think that's just how my brain works when building outfits, i go by colour and texture first. so all this thinking about the rainbow spectrum ended up getting me itching to do some this evening and i ended up attacking my poor wardrobe of clothes. um yeah, it might be a tiny 'mental' problem i have, but look how pretty it makes everything look!!


Temporary:Secretary said...

I do love to see things colour co-ordintated - i often do this but i never keep it up!

olivia grace said...

I'm the same! I adore colour coordinating my wardrobe, only it never really lasts long. I also love the look of A.P.C's new collection, wish I could afford some of it! xxx

Little Ghost said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not alone, then! I received the poster to this collection with a purchase a few months back and have been somewhat obsessed with the colour element ever since. The strange thing is, considering how excited I was by the colours, I find that my personal choices from their new selection turned out to be mainly blues and greys. I have no idea what this says about me, haha!
I am in love with those little leather 'pouchette zippee's' too - I was tempted to buy the pink one but calmed myself into sticking with tan. I think i need help....

Little Ghost said...

Can I have your wardrobe, just for a few days?I promise to return it unscathed;)