Tuesday, 23 August 2011

the weekend

(all images my own)

taking a break between night shifts i did a few nice things this weekend (other than catching up on sleeping and eating!), i visited the Tracey Emin exhibition at Southbank - which if you get a chance to see it before it ends next week i definately recommend it! also got up early to hit the Sunspel sample sale where i invested in a beautiful knitted cardigan and some decent jersey for the Autumn. i may have also treated myself to a little thing from Topshop in the form of this rather attractive Tribly which just about fits my rather large head! it's the little things you do during night shifts that keep me sane :)
hope everyone else did something nice too?


Kb said...

Ah so jealous of your cardi, looks like the perfect shape! I should've dragged myself out of bed! Hope the night shift goes ok.

Rachel. said...

has that hat got a wider than average brim? i really want one!

Ria :) said...

love the brown cardi :) xxxx

Sara Reverberi said...

Love the exhibition too. And your blog!