Tuesday, 11 October 2011

it's all about the patterns

(images via www.studdedhearts.blogspot.com)

stunning images from French Elle confirming just how much i adore tarten, polka dots and paisley. too many hours are spent trawling the Etsy website looking for the perfect tarten trousers and skirts, polka dot shirts or that 'just perfect' paisley top i have dreamt of.
one day. they shall be mine :)


Somewhere said...

I'm definitely feeling patterns at the moment, for me it's a pair of silk patterned 'pj' trousers

lara said...

these photos are so French, casually chic. Love the shoes in the first photo, but the paisley jumpsuit wins overall x

E (le rêve) said...

oh so french! love it!
unfortunately not very practical going into the australian summer, but still lovely! x


Holly said...

I love this editorial, especially the top image. Despite wearing a very similar skirt during my long years at secondary school I still have a fervour for the one pictured.
I am trying to embrace patterns at the moment as I have realised it's something my wardrobe is lacking in.

As for tartan, I rolled across these yesterday which coincides nicely with this new blog post of yours.
I know Anthropologie can offer some clothes that appear quite dated but I've realised they have a lot to offer that is quite the opposite. I give to you, despite the exorbitant price tag, a pair tartan slims:


Undecided on the colour I prefer but hey-ho my wallet can't stretch to it anyway!
Keep up the inspirational blog posts, I can't get enough :)


selinaoolala said...

omg love this editorial, just googled the whole thing, it's amazing! totally something you want to be wearing, lush. loving prints too, i am about to load up on motel paisley (hinthint see the sale on friday!)

Chuck said...

Such a great shoot. I wonder about men's silk paisley pyjamas as a possibility. There must be some old school brand... Hmm.