Friday, 21 October 2011

its cold outside

(from left to right: 'teddy' coat - Surface To Air, blue shirt - MHL by Margaret Howell, crochet jumper - A.P.C., tarten trousers - Urban Outfitters, scarf - United Bamboo, ankle boots - Office, hat - Margaret Howell, cord trousers - A.P.C., necklace - Topshop, navy jumper with rubber collar - J.W. Anderson, white shirt - Libertine Libertine, tassle loafers - Dr Martens

for the first time in a very long time i could not feel my toes it was that cold this morning! made me crave for layers and lots of them' mixing up all the textures of cord, cable knit and denim. i sense it is going to be a very cold Autumn!


DREAMY said...

oh it all looks so lovely ams snuggly.

Chuck said...

Ahh... You have such dreamy taste. I love it all.

Macy said...

I love the hat! Definitely looking into getting one for myself too

Lily said...

oh man, that shaggy coat is too lovely for words.

Tash said...

Perfect collection! Those sweaters and that coat, swoon.