Sunday, 9 October 2011

Urban Outfitters//Carin Wester

(images my own)

i managed to pop into Urban Outfitters Spitalfields the other night to see the launch of the CW by Carin Wester collection which has been created especially for UO. I've actually been a massive fan of Carin Wester for a while now, ever since i used to browse her stuff on Swedish websites back in the 'old' days of university and regularly spent all my spare pennies having swedish clothing shipped over by personal shopppers. (eek!)
already got my heart set on the teal sheer dress (seen in the last picture), the most perfectly cut loose trousers and the cute faux fur hats, might possibly have to start drawing up my birthday wish list now!
thank you to the guys at Urban Outfitters for another lovely evening!


lara said...

this looks amazing...I'm going to UO tomorrow as I've a voucher to spend, possibly going to get those black heels now! Time Out From Life

beewaits said...

I can't think of anything I would not like here....the chunky black shoes are too perfect. x

Zoe said...

I'm totally buying the blue coat with the white collar tomorrow - so so beautiful!

lara said...

So I bought the sheer purple shirt - look

fashionsastranger said...

Arghh, what an amazing collection. I wish I had more money! xx

Sara Reverberi said...

The collection is amazing, really like it!Thanks for sharing.

Mat said...

i was invited to the manchester store and they staff were top too

Katrina said...

I love UO. Well who doesn't?! : )

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