Sunday, 2 October 2011

wedding outfit

( dress - Vera Moda, clutch - Topshop, bracelet - Urban Outfitters, skinny belt - Topshop, shoes - Topshop)

i've been back in N.Ireland for a few days for the first of two upcoming weddings, both of my best friends. the first wedding this weekend was wonderful, highlights including drinking a lot of wine in the back of a jeep (harder than you think on these bumpy country roads!), seeing my best friend Lizzie all grown up in her stunning gown, and dancing madly to songs like Dolly Parton '9 to 5' with my high school chums. this is why i love coming home!


taffetaramblings said...

the dress is gorgeous & very vintage looking. x

E (le rĂªve) said...

mmm best shoes x

MargieF said...

beautiful so glad its topshop so i actually have a chance of owning it! good to hear you had a good time:)