Thursday, 15 December 2011

a belated birthday post...

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rabbit night light - Church's brogues - some good books, my favourite being about Vanessa Bell and her sister Virginia Woolf - glitter nail polish from Urban Outfitters - mens Casio watch - Sunspel mid length cotton skirt - the most beautiful hand painted 1950's silk dress - denim tote bag by A.P.C.

just a few little things i was treated to last month for my birthday, not including a stunning quilt my housemate bought me which is serving its purpose now the weather has turned cold! and yes i have accidentally started collecting white rabbits, it's just happened and i think i may well continue!


lady liquor vintage. said...

Everything looks lovely, the dress is especially gorgeous! Your house looks lovely, too.


Jolly Good said...

Love the rabbit light. He's already on my xmas list. xx

Chuck said...

That dress is gorgeous. Where did you get it? I sometimes feel exhausted at trying to find beautiful but not astronomically priced vintage in London.

Temporary:Secretary said...

LOVE the bunnies! So cute! (and happy belated birthday) x


i really like that watch!