Wednesday, 11 January 2012

a glimpse into Margaret Howell's home...

(images via

the New York Times recently profiled Margaret Howell and gave us a glimpse into her own home and the surrounding. as expected it's beautiful (i especially love the pasting table used as a desk in the first picture), and i absolutely love Margaret's outfit in the first image - a perfect simple yet very chic and totally ageless outfit.
if anything these pictures (and do check out the rest!) have got me very excited about going back to N. Ireland next week and confirmed utterly and completely that i will must likely have a shoulder length bob and fringe for the rest of my days!


Rebecca Thompson said...

Love this post :)
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Mat said...

i was going to say that about the pasting table, really nice idea that

Lindsay K said...

Yes! This article was brilliant. I love her perspective and view.