Friday, 6 January 2012

nice things....


some lovely things that arrived in the post for me recently;
Margaret Howell's beautiful calender that will remind me of the coast back home, a beautiful tarten sheer shirt c/o of the guys at Motel (currently wearing it tucked into a leather a-line shirt and with my Church's brogues), a fantastic print of a girl arrested with such an amazing hair cut, roughly rouged lips and a cute coat (wish i knew what she was done for!) and finally a beautiful vintage trilby from Cotton Love.
all things to keep one sane in a rather long poor January!


Pip said...

Love all of these things, the girl does look rather amazing!

Pip x

Mat said...

i wonder what she did, there's a whole book of those shots on amazon. think it's called least wanted

Rebecca Thompson said...

Love your shirt!
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