Monday, 20 February 2012

Spring is near....

Apartamento - via Goodhood, breton top - Margaret Howell, clear plastic sunglasses - Topshop, lipstick - Tom Ford, silver ring - Bark, sailor top - MHL by Margaret Howell, vintage beaded clutch - Etsy, bra and pants set - Cos, pink plastic sunglasses - Acne, white t-shirt - A.P.C., shoes - Dr. Martens

my wish for this Spring, i think it's time the wardrobe had a good proper clear out for the new season!


Estefania said...

in love with your spring wishlist!


the Thrill of the Thrift

discotheque confusion said...

haha, so apt. you've featured the sunglasses I lost this weekend and apartmento and a heart shaped signet ring, both of which I bought. don't know why I'm surprised by our parallel brains though! hope you're well darlin x

LapindeLune said...

love the gold and creamy tones.
as for the apc tee, i bought this a few weeks back and it is so surprisingly thin and ....not so great like the usual apc quality. I always have issue with tees, it's like i want to purchase well made versions but freak at the cost. actually wound up with a more well fitting version from tesco (wtf, haha!) but i dare say it shall not put me off my love for apc entirely!