Wednesday, 8 February 2012

the white stuff

(images via

it's a little early (and definately too cold!) to be thinking of wearing denim cut offs, but i've decided this Spring i will finally get my hands on the perfect white shirt - as shown here on Vanessa Jackman's site.

it needs to be the right mixture of sheer/slightly crisp/crumpled/oversized and possibly without sleeves. starting points will be Etsy for vintage worn in men's shirts and Cos for the chance of something fresh and well cut. i guess if i start looking now, i might actually have a chance of finding it before the end of this summer!


Rebecca Thompson said...

It's about time I also got the perfect white shirt, love these pictures x

L.C said...

That first image is perfection x

lola said...

the white stuff...the great stuff... x

LadyLUX said...

There is nothing better in my opinion than the perfect white short (paired with denim!)