Sunday, 8 April 2012

Cotton Love SS'12

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Cotton Love were one of those eBay sellers i had saved on my 'favourite sellers' a few years back before i discovered Etsy and spent all my spare time trying to outbid people on the perfect black vintage boots. Recently i've come back round to eBay, and after someone reminded me of these guys i've followed them all the way to their own online store. I bought the perfect Margaret Howell style hat from them earlier in the year and i love their decently priced pieces, but more than that i love their simplistic yet careful styling that inspires you to try boyfriend style jeans with jelly heels and velour jumpers with pretty maxi skirts.

a definite recommendation for this Easter weekend :)


DREAMY said...

Want those jeeannsss. Definitely going to check them out. said...

this doesn't even look like a vintage shop but more like a designer!

Kat // frock&roll

Chuck said...

They've been on my saved seller list for years too. I didn't know they'd moved to stand alone. Will definitely check them out.

Y said...

I love the shapeless dress! although if I wore it it would be down to my ankles..or maybe even form a train